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By Sachin Ohal

Earth is the most beautiful planet in galaxy, human is one of the most powerful species of the earth. For a thousand of years this specie is continuously innovating and transforming the earth to make it more comfortable place to live with. During this continuous transformation process mankind built civilization of gender, race, religion, belief and humanity.

Humanity created a thin line between acceptance and denial called as “faith”. Today, “faith” is questioned by many of us during this global pandemic situation. Should human question faith or develop an attitude “learn to build resilience”. Each of us may need to practice cognitive restructuring to change the way that you think about negative situations and bad events. This is a time to choose your response to maintain perspective of your existence. Environmental threats can come in various guises. Science has helped us many years protecting us, made impossible things possible. Hence, this may not be time to ask yourself “Why is this happening in the world or with me?”. This is time to practice thought awareness within you to learn to manage situation. Whole purpose of civilization is how to live together in a structural manner irrespective of gender, race, religion, belief and humanity.

Today, in this difficult time each one of us is socially isolated and locked down. The places of belief and worships are closed, but remember “faith” is developed by human, it never existed before human existence. Hence, motivate yourself, your family and community. Eventually this motivation needs to travel across the earth with positive energy irrespective of all obstacles created by nature or human. Many of you might be suffering with many problems to live your life with food, health, shelter and job. However, you can change this with every morning positive thought, smile and believing in everything will be alright. Exercising every positive form of life will make you more stronger than ever….

  • Do meditation, yoga, exercise at home, create laughter around you
  • Employee who can work from home, give your best to keep economy running so that government can help poor and take care of citizens
  • Employer and employee who is part of critical supply chain, take care of yourself and feel proud what you do
  • Nonprofit organization volunteer, motivate everyone around you to stay strong and help community
  • Employer, please try to help your employees with creative way
  • Everyone at home, stay strong, develop physical and mental strength, support your government

Exercise Humanity

  • Help government, hospitals, poor, homeless and everyone who needs help in all possible way you can
  • Offer prayers every day for all doctors, healthcare workers, first responders, police officers, military personnel, government officers and volunteers for their exceptional work
  • Those who are suffering or have lost a loved one, please keep them in your thought and payers

Love, respect and admire everyone’s contribution to keep human race alive on this planet earth….

About Author: Sachin Ohal is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and evangelist. He is keynote speaker in various international conferences, adviser for worldwide fortune 500 CXO’s.

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