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By Sachin Ohal

CEOs are increasingly putting digital transformation and customer engagement at the top of their corporate agendas, this lead most of the CIOs in the board room. In an ideal enterprise, CIOs are true partners with the rest of the C-suite. They lead the charge to harness new technology solutions that transform the business and increase value. In this article, I am going to explain Other side of this story that many enterprises “CXO’s joins IT Automation”. Yes, in many enterprises C-suite executive now more interested in learning robotic automation. Why?

Knock Knock…… I am the BOT………!!

What is BOT?

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BOTS are Artificial Intelligence Platform is a rich set of cognitive computing services, they provide value via its digital agents, predictive analysis, daily operations process automation, visual computing applications via its smart computing systems techniques over Cloud & Mobile platforms. Its ability of pattern recognition and knowledge modelling basically empower them act like human brain in more analytical way. They can take, communicate all business-related task, activity and decisions like any enterprise “Business Operations” Teams.

BOTS Are Gold Mine For Enterprises?

A machine can deliver cognitive enhancement to experience and productivity, accelerate process through automation and at the highest stage of maturity reach autonomous abilities to run Business Operations in an area’s like Back office, Customer service, Call Center, Marketing, Sales, etc. more effectively with minimal cost. A piece of code can act like a human brain to run 24x7x365 days complex operations under no restriction, it also eliminates complex issue in People Management, Governance, compliance, regulatory, safety, security, etc. areas.

Cost & Time Effective Solution:

Many BOTS platforms are available in market place over “SaaS – Software as a Service” platforms. Any business operations organization can avail them over Corporate Credit card in almost no time, deploy them as fast as 24 Hrs. in production to start serving customers via Business process automation (BPA) and Application Robotics Automation (ARA).

Increased Competitiveness:

One of the largest obstacles to success facing businesses today, regardless of size, is controlling labor costs; for many, the cost of labor is second only to the cost of real estate. If a company can maintain consistent labor costs while simultaneously increasing productivity, it will be far more competitive and BOTS makes that possible. It’s features like Consumer analysis, Proactive customer interaction, error free task, real time predictive analysis helps to improve customer satisfaction with no human presence. BOTS are proliferating any business faster than human.

Capitalist Dream or a Labor Nightmare?

BOTS are going to bring down human presence in many enterprise front and / or back Office business operations. Industry experts suspect that in next 1-3 years’ time almost 30% of jobs in Banking, Financial Service, Health Care, Insurance, telecom, etc. industries will be replaced by BOTS. It may create the job situations in global scale. The immediate impact may be seen in offshore service providing counties economy, job market & social life style. If western world companies & governments will not make right decision on time about this job situation caused by BOTS, then it will be global Labor Nightmare. Other hand cost & time saving benefit of BOTS brings profit for enterprise. This brings good news in company board room, investors and shareholders community. BOTS have an ability to reshape the global economy!

Human Like To Talk With BOT’S Lot ………!

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Robots are always a fantasy of human. Now in 21st century this human fantasy is replacing the human with BOTS. it’s certainly a leap to think we, humans, want to connect with computer programs in the same space where we spill our guts to our closest pals, gossip with our co-workers and coordinate with family members to arrange life’s most sacred events (weddings, funerals etc.). Now, only different is BOTS are going to perform some functions in your “Professional Life” that’s your JOB…………!

About Author:

Sachin Ohal is an experienced professional with 2 decades of experience in Enterprise Technology Leadership, CxO Advisory, Consulting and Digital Transformation

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