Mitigate Risk with These Cloud Migration Strategies

Author: Nitin Krishna

Efficient business operations and data accessibility heavily rely on cloud computing. Embracing the cloud is a cost-effective business solution that provides many competitive advantages, such as revenue […]

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Simplify Your Physical Security Environment with Reliant and Pivot3

Reliant Is Proud to Offer Pivot3 as a Strategic Partner.
Reliant is a leading integrator for Electronic Security Solutions, delivering a one-stop, full-service solution. We provide a seamless and scalable turn-key solution for our […]

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Simplify Your Cloud Management Landscape with Reliant and NetApp

Storage capacity has grown tremendously over the past several years. Corporate IT environments are required to store more data with less tolerance for downtime, data loss, or access disruption. […]

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Secure and Protect Your Data and Network

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in ransomware attacks, many of them high-profile attacks. Companies need to take cyber-security seriously and invest in it with […]

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The Impact of Workplace Environments on Employee Performance

by Linda Cheng- Verkada
Equipped with mounting evidence about how workplaces impact employee productivity, companies have started to focus on building safe, functional spaces that promote creativity, collaboration, and efficiency […]

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Announcing Verkada Alarms: Cloud Managed Intrusion Detection and 24/7 Professional Monitoring

Today, we are excited to introduce Verkada Alarms, our new cloud managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring solution that provides organizations with technology to detect and respond to threats […]

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Mini Car, BIG Deal.

Some companies only think BIG picture. At Reliant, we don’t mind taking care of the finer, or smaller details, to satisfy our enterprise customers. Check out the finer details […]

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Reliant Helping Mental Health Provider with Access Control System.

In a post-pandemic world, Reliant is proud to assist our client, a Philadelphia-based non-profit dedicated to comprehensive mental health support/programming, with the access control installation at two of their […]

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Summer brings.. MORE WORK!

See how Reliant and Verkada can help your SLED organization protect what you value most this summer!

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Top Cybersecurity Breaches That Happened in 2020

Check out this informative article from our Partner Fortinet.

The latest cyber attacks show that breaches continue to have devastating effects for organizations of all sizes worldwide. Examples of recent cyber […]

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