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Today, we are excited to introduce Verkada Alarms, our new cloud managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring solution that provides organizations with technology to detect and respond to threats across their facilities in real-time.

Verkada’s Alarms product leverages analytics delivered by Verkada’s existing portfolio of cloud-based physical security solutions including video security, door-based access control, and environmental sensors. In addition, a new suite of intrusion detection devices including the BP41 Alarm Panel, motion and contact sensors, and the BC51 Alarm Console can be used to further secure your buildings with intuitive tools for intrusion detection and response.

24/7 Response with Professional Monitoring

Verkada Alarms includes 24/7 professional monitoring, which connects organizations to a team of trained security experts standing by to review events and assist customers through security incidents.

Professional monitoring includes live video verification of all alarm events, providing operators with temporary, secured access to video clips that can be used to dismiss false alarms and provide crucial context during emergencies.

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Professional monitoring also features emergency dispatch capabilities. In response to an alarm, monitoring agents will reach out via SMS and phone call to a preconfigured list of internal contacts and can dispatch local first responders if no one is available.

Easy Configuration and Management via Command

Alarms is built into Verkada’s web-based Command platform where organizations can access and manage their physical security across all their locations under a single pane of glass. Administrators can easily configure events from any of their Verkada devices to trigger an alarm, and customize who is notified when an alarm is raised.

Alarm responses may include professional monitoring services like video verification and emergency dispatch, as well as additional actions including SMS/email notifications, lockdowns or activation of devices like sirens or strobe lights. Configuration of sites takes minutes, with no need for complex keypad programming or service fees for setup and configuration changes.

configure alarm settings in command

All alarm events can be reviewed directly from the site page, and administrators have full visibility into steps that were taken to properly assess and respond to the threat.

configure alarm settings and response workflows in command

The Verkada Alarm Panel expands the coverage of your existing Verkada ecosystem with the integration of up to 32 inputs, supporting wired devices like motion sensors, door contacts, and other new or existing sensors you want to configure as alarm triggers.

Alarm Panel and Input / Output Integrations

In addition to these inputs, administrators can configure two programmable 12V outputs on the Alarm Panel to power devices like strobe lights or sirens that can be activated when an alarm is raised.

On-Site Safety with the Alarm Console

In addition to arming/disarming, the Alarm Console’s multifunctional tablet allows for video recording through an integrated camera, giving admin users insight into who is taking action on the keypad. Key events are shown in a live feed on the Console, which can also display the status of devices in your site. In the event of an emergency, staff can use the Console’s panic button to immediately call for assistance.

An innovative talk-down feature allows administrators to initiate video calls from Command directly to the Alarm Console in order to address visitors, staff, or possible intruders.

Alarm Console Talkdown Intercom

Remote Access to Arming, Disarming, and Panic Functions

Administrators and staff can quickly arm or disarm a site with a single tap of a button within the Command platform and Alarms mobile app, or arm/disarm with user-assigned keycodes on the Alarm Console. In an emergency, users can hit a digital panic button available in Command, the Alarms app or the Alarm Console to immediately raise an alarm and dispatch emergency services to the site.

Verkada Alarms - Where to go when you need help

The Verkada Alarm Panel and Alarm Console are backed by our industry leading 10-year warranty and are supported by automatic firmware updates to ensure that your devices are kept secure and up to date with our latest feature releases.


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